Frame Size Guide

Find the perfect sunglasses size for your face with our easy-to-use sunglasses sizing guide. Looking in a mirror, hold a ruler horizontally across your face. Measure in inches the distance between your left and right temples.


Then use this table to figure out which size glasses are best for you:

pay attention to bridge width if you have eyes that are closer or farther apart than average:

Most people don't have to pay attention to bridge width, so if you're not sure if it applies to you, it's probably safe not to worry about it.

Find your current frame size

You may also use a pair of sunglasses you currently own to determine your best size. Frame sizing is typically noted on the inside of either temple (see illustration below). The eye/lens size is usually first, then the bridge size, then temple size. Use the eye/lens size to determine the best frame size.

The eye size is typically going to be the most important size for identifying how a pair of sunglasses will look. The eye size number measures the width of the lens, measured from the bridge, in millimeters. The bridge width is the distance between the lenses in millimeters. And the third number is the length of the temple in millimeters.eye-bridge-temple-sizing-info
Note: If the eye size is not indicated on the temple, look under the bridge.



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